Hard work, patience and determination of a person can bring great rewards. Through hard work, we are able to buy the things we need and those that want to give to our family. When we earn a lot, we are able to buy a house, expensive jewelries, appliances, car and other materials things we desire to have. Aside from the material things we achieve through hard work, the most important things is that we can provide our children their basic needs like clothing, education and a peaceful home. But, what if an accident happens and our home is caught up in flames and all the things we have now are burned to ashes? Wouldn’t you feel your efforts are wasted?  


One of the most life-threatening and unexpected accidents that usually happen is a fire accident. Fire is one of the leading accidents that cause death of thousands in a year. This happens unexpectedly and often occurs in residential areas. Fire can burn everything inside a home if not immediately acted or if the fire happens in cramped areas where our courageous firemen will have a hard time putting out. This can be very discouraging to homeowners since they need to start from scratch to be able to build a new home. Why let a fire waste your precious home when you can prevent it from happening?

Occurrence of fire can be prevented by following simple fire prevention tips. Below are the top 10 fire prevention tips that homeowners and even establishment owners should consider doing to prevent fire.

1.) Install smoke alarms
Depending on your budget, you can buy smoke alarms and install them to every level of your home. This alarm can help prevent fire from spreading by detecting smoke early. Consider also putting fire sprinklers in your ceiling.

2.) Set up a fire escape plan
Talk to your family on how, where and what you should do in case of a fire. It will be better if you have 2 exits in every room or if not at least 2 main exits in every level of your home.

3.) Avoid using candles
As much as possible, avoid using candles or might as well buy candle holders that can really hold candles in place or use a flashlight to see your way around.

4.) Buy a fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher is one important thing that every household should always have.

5.) Do not store gasoline and keep matches and lighters away
If you don’t really need gasoline, do not store any at home. Matches, lighters or other objects that can start a fire should be kept away from young children to avoid accidents to happen.

6.) Remove things that can possibly be burned when cooking.
When cooking, make sure to remove potholders, dishtowels or any object near the stove to prevent it from being caught by flames. Moreover, you should avoid wearing large and loose clothing that might get in your way and might draw close to the range.

7.) Check electric plugs of your appliances
Make it a habit to check the plugs of your appliances once a week or inspect your appliances immediately if it smells.

8.) Never overload extensions cords
Overloading is one of the major causes of fire and thus this should be avoided.

9.) Practice stop, drop and roll
This is the main technique taught by fire experts in case you get caught on fire. You should stop moving, drop on the ground, then roll over.

10.) Be calm always
Keep in mind that in case of fire or any accident, you should not panic and instead just stay calm then call the fire department and ask help.

Fire can easily be prevented if we just follow these important fire prevention tips. This can help lessen our worries and can make our family and our home safe and secured.