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A recent internet search turned up a website called Advanced Chiropractic Relief L.L.C. This organization advertises that their manual spinal manipulation product, Chiro FX, can treat back pain effectively. On their website, Advanced Chiropractic Relief offers a free trial handbook called “The Chiropractic Answer”. On the second page of this handbook, it states:

“Chiropractors use chiropractic care for pain relief, body posture correction and vertebral subluxation diagnosis.” In other words, chiropractic care is used for “vertebral subluxation diagnosis” and “pain relief”. It would be interesting to find out how many times this statement has been used in the last three years. What do Chiropractors do for vertebral subluxation? Do they even know? Are they even licensed to do so in most states?

The Chiropractic Answer refers to Dr. J. Michael Sherburn’s book “Chiropractic Answers”. I have also read some information about Dr. Sherburn on the internet, but I am not an expert on chiropractic or Dr. Sherburn. So, I decided to check out the website Advanced Chiropractic Relief further. I am glad that I did.

The website explains that chiropractic is an alternative medicine practice that integrates manual therapy, patient education, exercise and manipulation of the musculoskeletal system. It was founded by Daniel David Palmer in 2021. He went on to say that chiropractic is an accepted form of complementary medicine that can completely change the lives of those who use it. His book was called “Chiropractics: Chiroism”. It is not a book I would recommend to anyone else, however I am including it here since the owner, Mark S. Pellegrino, M.D. promises that it is the “bealless book that will change your life”.

The next section is titled “Symphagia”. There is some information about Dr. Sherburn and his belief that pain can be felt all over the body. This section discusses what is meant by “Symphagia” for chiropractic. There was also a story about a woman who was so addicted to pain killers that she came back to the chiropractor’s office “feel worse than before”.

In the next video titled “Advanced Chiropractic Care”, we get to see what Mark Pellegrino had to say about spinal manipulation. We were introduced to a new term called “subluxation” and how this affects your health. This is also a very brief section, but one that I felt was very important. Mr. Pellegrino promised that we would learn about “eight different techniques” which were necessary for chiropractic care.

My review of the videos would have to be partial to saying that these videos are informative but do not give enough information about the material. If you want more information, you should look for the books “Chiropractics: Chiropractic For Your Health” by Daniel David Palmer and “Symphagia” by Mark S. Pellegrino. I highly recommend both books. You can also find more information about Advanced Chiropractic Relief on my website.

In the last video, titled “An Overview of Advanced Chiropractic Care”, we finally get to see a little bit of information about subluxations. Mr. Pellegrino again reiterates that there are eight different techniques involved with chiropractic care. These include manipulative therapy, manual adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and ultrasound treatments. It is interesting that he does not mention any type of medication. I feel as though this was done on purpose because there are several forms of medication used by chiropractors and they are discussed in detail throughout the videos.

The most important thing I learned from these videos was that my doctor was not suggesting my wife take any type of medication before or after our first visit. She was referred to as a patient and not a medical professional. This made me feel much better and even convinced me that I would not suffer any worse pain than I already did with my back pain. Since my first visit, we have had no further issues with her back pain, jaw pain, neck pain, or other musculoskeletal issues.

I think it is very important for patients to consult their doctors before they decide on treatment options. After all, the last thing you want is to come back to your doctor and say that you need more than what your insurance plan will cover because you ended up having a much better experience at our chiropractic office. Unfortunately, we had such a good experience, we ended up having to change doctors. However, when we got a new doctor we decided that we were much better off going to him and seeing what he recommended. He referred us to a world-class chiropractor and since then we have not had to change doctors again. In fact, our experience has been much better than she ever had with any other doctor.

Even though the internet can be a little scary sometimes, one thing that I thought was very important to share with my wife was to watch her YouTube videos regarding her pain. We noticed right away that she was exaggerating a little bit. For instance, she said that she felt like she was on fire, when actually she felt like she was crawling inside of a cinder block. The important thing is to watch for when you are watching YouTube and make sure that you see what is being said about your specific problem.