Having a business card, with your company’s own logo design imprinted on it, is very important for marketing and making your company well-known. This is the widely used medium to advertise one’s business. The business card may be small but is effective and easy to distribute. 


A very attractive business card can actually be effective in promoting your business by adding your company logo design. The logo is the representation of what your business is all about, so it is best to let people know it through your business card. 

Fishing Logo Design

The design and total appearance of your business card may say different things about your business. But, sometimes company information cards are so common that they are taken for granted and not given much importance, not even a slight glance. If you wish to make your business stand out, you can try some of the following suggestions.

Size or shape. It is best to have a unique shape of business card that is aligned with the name of your brand and logo. It can come in rectangles, triangles, and so on. Ordinary rectangles are really quite common these days.

Content. The content of your business information card should always include contact numbers and addresses. Providing such information will present a sense of professionalism and availability towards your target clients. You can also add a motivational quote or your company’s vision statement, or perhaps a corporate motto or tag line. Just make sure it does not take up all the space on the card. For example you are in the food industry, you can put your best recipes or show a picture of your best products at the back of the card.

Material. The material of a business info card is usually made of cardboard. But, you can try other materials, too. You can actually make a name card from leather or plastic material. That ought to make your card unique.

Design, color and text. These really matter in making your own name card. The color and font of the text should be the same, or at least in harmony, with the company’s brand name. The design should also be a little bit similar to your logo, so that there will be coherence and a connection among the company card itself, logo, brand name, and your company.

In making a business card, make sure that the content does not overcrowd. Provide proper spacing so that it will not look messy and confusing. The appearance of your business card will signify your professionalism and commitment to the services and products that you provide. If your business card looks hastily designed, then your logo design will just go unnoticed along with your brand name.