When I was on the web today, I discovered a wonderful new design on the home improvement department of the make sure they were up to date model of fire escape ladders. Now while I am not sure how many people out there are even aware of how easily they can make a point of an attack, I am happy to know that they are on the internet just in case they do happen to happen. This can come in extremely handy if you do have to evacuate your home with no time to think. 

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The latest model is by the name of the Soft Line Series. Soft Line basically means softer in both architecture and terminology, and that it has made me feel as if they have put a name to the best possible design of fire escape ladders that there is.


A second additional layer of safety to your product by this company is that you get the safety plug. I like the safety plugs because they basically hold the cords to your fire escape as they are being made loose. At the very least they hold them away from whatever is going to go through your house.

What makes the Soft Line Series of fire escape ladders so great is the new water-based composite material that they use to make them. This means they are fire retardant and water-based but that does not mean that they are less vulnerable to being damaged. Of course, even when damaged, this material can still be used to save a life, however, but only if the person had access to a source of access.

The quality of the materials is not the only thing that sets this product apart from the rest of the fire escape ladders. The hardness of the steel and the cushioning of the mats is also very noteworthy. In fact, in order to make the mattress softer, the companies employ a different kind of process that gives it a good sense of body and head support. Also, if I were to list the qualities of the new fire escape ladders, the first thing that comes to mind is the weight. With so many different models and all the companies competing to offer the latest and greatest of fire escape ladders, you would think that each company would make their product lighter and more lightweight. However, these companies realized that the lighter they made their product, the more secure it was to the home and the more easily it could be used in an evacuation scenario.

The SoftLine fire escape ladders are no exception in that regard. Just like the soft core mattress, they are made from a different material that is more likely to be damage resistant and soft to the touch. While that can mean their ability to absorb shocks and jolts is decreased, it also means that they are a bit more comfortable. It also means that they can be much safer to the fireman and the family that are in the house.

So what should you know about the SoftLine Fire Escape Ladders. Well, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have an office that has a large amount of furniture, there is a model for you.

So, if you are a retiree or the like, the choice is yours and there are different styles of them for you. The most expensive may be the Fire Escape Aluminum Desk and a nice desk that is made of ash wood may be less expensive. You can do quite a bit of taking these things apart if you need to change them out, but there are not a lot of people out there that would not be able to get a good idea of the pieces from them.

Even if you are not ready to change the look of your home to something different, this is a pretty useful thing to have. Even a family with kids that is used to hardwood or corrugated steel will be able to safely evacuate their home without worrying about anything. because the soft surface of the mats can keep it from bumping into each other. or the kids climbing up into the house.