With the launch of iPhone, users are now searching for the best download service to fill their iphone with their favorite media files. With a lot of download sites in the net today you have to know how to choose the best download service. To help you choose the best iPhone downloads service and enjoy the full capability of your iPhone here are some factors that you need to consider: 

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Service Fees. One of the biggest considerations in choosing a download service is of course the service fee. The best iPhone downloads will give the best service at a reasonable fee. There are two options in getting a download service. First option is a service with pay per download fees. It means you have to pay for every download you make. If one download is $1, then you have to pay a dollar for every media file that you download. The more media files you download the more you will spend. The second option to get a download service is through a membership fee. This is a one time payment for the membership. Once you become a member, all downloads are free of charge and no pay per download fee. A one time payment will grant you a lifetime access for unlimited downloads of music, movies, TV shows and other media files. This second option is definitely the best iPhone downloads. 


Huge collection of media files. The best iPhone downloads will give you an opportunity to search and select from a wide collection of media files on different genres. It is important that you will find what you are looking for easily from a large selection of music, movies, games, TV shows, sports, etc.

Fast quality downloads. High speed downloading is the best quality of the best iPhone downloads. Downloading is fast and easy without interruption and errors. In minutes after signing up you will find it easy to download all the media files that you need.

Technical support. The best iPhone downloads should also have the best technical support. It is important that there are friendly technical supports available around the clock 7 days a week when you need assistance.

Transfer software and conversion software. The best iPhone downloads will provide tools and software for you to transfer files easily. If files are not compatible with your iPhone, it is important that conversion software will be provided. A quick guide on how to use and install the software must also be provided.

Legality. The best iPhone downloads will not put you in a bad position when it comes to copyright issues. The best iPhone downloads respect copyright laws and all downloads of media files are legal and safe.

Spyware free. The best iPhone downloads does not contain spyware or pop-ups to harm your PC. All downloads were checked, screened and sealed with 100% spyware protection. All files are safe to download without putting your computer system at risk.