Taking Advantage of Slot Machines Online – Winning Slot Machines

If you want to learn tips on how to win slot machines online, then read this. You will learn tips about winning slot machines over the Internet. 

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Have you ever tried playing slot machines online? If you haven’t, it is highly recommended that you sign-up for an account and play your favorite slot games over the Internet. It is surely fun to play these games online. Aside from that, you can also win loads of instant cash because of the many great offers that most of the online casinos have.   

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There are a number of online casinos available. They try to compete with each other and offer many attractive benefits to the players and to their prospected customers. Playing online slots may often be the most profitable form of casino gambling. Because of the great competition there is in many of the online casinos, most of the websites would make all their offers very attractive and fascinating to its target customers and to their existing members. Often times, slot machines over the Internet gives better payouts compared to the land-based machines.

The best way to win in online slots is to take advantage of its discounts, offers, and promos. Usually, you can get bonuses upon registration. There are even times that new registrations will be given free initial bankroll by some of the casino websites. Taking advantage of this will help you save money on your bankroll and play more games in the long run and increase you chances of winning.

You can also enjoy discounts and freebies while playing slot machines online. There are websites which often have promos wherein their players and their customers are able to enjoy discounts and win a lot of freebies if they play on a specific time. Sometimes, online casinos hold raffle draws that will let you win instant cash prizes. You can also earn a lot of money when you play for big jackpot games and win. It is very easy to win in online slots because you can always download certain software that will assist you in lessening the difficulties of the slot odds.

Learning more strategies and techniques is the best benefit that online slots can provide to you. The availability of many tips and strategies is very accessible to those who want it. Most of the professional casino goers would advice the new players to learn the mechanics of slot games over the Internet before they actually play inside casinos. Playing in casinos can be very tricky for the new players. So that you can increase your skills and improve your strategies, it is better to hone yourself first in online slots.

To enjoy more benefits in online slot games, it is best to register for an account so that you can receive regular updates regarding new tips and strategies. Being a member of an online casino will also allow you to get newsletters when the website has new promos, offers, and other new benefits when it comes to playing slot machines online.


10 Simple Fire Prevention Tips

Hard work, patience and determination of a person can bring great rewards. Through hard work, we are able to buy the things we need and those that want to give to our family. When we earn a lot, we are able to buy a house, expensive jewelries, appliances, car and other materials things we desire to have. Aside from the material things we achieve through hard work, the most important things is that we can provide our children their basic needs like clothing, education and a peaceful home. But, what if an accident happens and our home is caught up in flames and all the things we have now are burned to ashes? Wouldn’t you feel your efforts are wasted?  


One of the most life-threatening and unexpected accidents that usually happen is a fire accident. Fire is one of the leading accidents that cause death of thousands in a year. This happens unexpectedly and often occurs in residential areas. Fire can burn everything inside a home if not immediately acted or if the fire happens in cramped areas where our courageous firemen will have a hard time putting out. This can be very discouraging to homeowners since they need to start from scratch to be able to build a new home. Why let a fire waste your precious home when you can prevent it from happening?

Occurrence of fire can be prevented by following simple fire prevention tips. Below are the top 10 fire prevention tips that homeowners and even establishment owners should consider doing to prevent fire.

1.) Install smoke alarms
Depending on your budget, you can buy smoke alarms and install them to every level of your home. This alarm can help prevent fire from spreading by detecting smoke early. Consider also putting fire sprinklers in your ceiling.

2.) Set up a fire escape plan
Talk to your family on how, where and what you should do in case of a fire. It will be better if you have 2 exits in every room or if not at least 2 main exits in every level of your home.

3.) Avoid using candles
As much as possible, avoid using candles or might as well buy candle holders that can really hold candles in place or use a flashlight to see your way around.

4.) Buy a fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher is one important thing that every household should always have.

5.) Do not store gasoline and keep matches and lighters away
If you don’t really need gasoline, do not store any at home. Matches, lighters or other objects that can start a fire should be kept away from young children to avoid accidents to happen.

6.) Remove things that can possibly be burned when cooking.
When cooking, make sure to remove potholders, dishtowels or any object near the stove to prevent it from being caught by flames. Moreover, you should avoid wearing large and loose clothing that might get in your way and might draw close to the range.

7.) Check electric plugs of your appliances
Make it a habit to check the plugs of your appliances once a week or inspect your appliances immediately if it smells.

8.) Never overload extensions cords
Overloading is one of the major causes of fire and thus this should be avoided.

9.) Practice stop, drop and roll
This is the main technique taught by fire experts in case you get caught on fire. You should stop moving, drop on the ground, then roll over.

10.) Be calm always
Keep in mind that in case of fire or any accident, you should not panic and instead just stay calm then call the fire department and ask help.

Fire can easily be prevented if we just follow these important fire prevention tips. This can help lessen our worries and can make our family and our home safe and secured.



Business Continuity For the 21st Century

Business dependency on IT systems has never been greater, so when things go wrong the impact can be catastrophic. Whether it’s the CEO waiting for information as part of an acquisition negotiation, or the thousands of transactions that flow through the corporate website, any glitch in the IT infrastructure can wreak havoc with productivity, revenue and the organization’s reputation.  


Yet despite the critical role of business applications the approach to keeping them up and running remains in the dark ages for many companies. In today’s competitive and budget-sensitive world nothing short of continuous availability is required for the most important applications.  


What businesses need to demand, is a cost-effective continuous availability for the 21st century. One that is architected to focus on those applications that are most critical; to be flexible enough to fit into existing and future IT infrastructures; to deliver integrated high availability and disaster protection in a single solution; to enable accelerated performance over wide area networks; to provide unparalleled levels of automation and control, and to do all this with minimum configuration and within budget.

Crucially, these systems protect business critical applications against downtime. Often, they will integrate class leading replication technology with application monitoring and disaster recovery to deliver continuous availability meaning users are not disrupted when IT systems go down.

Business demands on IT change continuously. As new applications are introduced and existing configurations change, the high availability software must adapt. Automated discovery prevents configuration creep that could leave existing applications exposed and the new systems coming to market offer a point and click interface to protect new and existing applications.

Many systems provide an intuitive interface enabling real time visibility and control of application availability with both local and remote protection options. Policies and rules determine exactly what should happen to protect critical services and automated or manual fail over options are available to meet business and IT needs.

The nature of IT systems is that at some point they will go wrong. External factors such as power interruptions may take entire data rooms down. Application failures will cause business processes to stop. Selective component failures may take individual machines down. SAN issues may disrupt physical or virtual clusters and entire sites are increasingly threatened by power issues and environmental disasters.

Continuous Availability solutions protect against all of these scenarios, and more. By taking a business centric approach it is the only solution that will keep users working even when multiple software applications go down. The systems are designed to concentrate on the user experience and keep them working when IT outages are unavoidable. 



What Is a Business Continuity Policy?

When we talk about a business continuity policy, we mean something that leads to or contributes to the betterment and improvement of a business. It is literally a document that is created in order to suggest and transmit management expectations and business probability, particularly focusing on the long-term business continuity program performance.  

BCP Plan

The vital point in making a business continuity policy is for it to be signed and implemented throughout the entire business or organization through the efforts of the management to make the same as effective as it can be. It must also be noted that the general content of the policy statement must be fixed or consistent, devoid of constant changes. The same must be able to define and distinguish specific actions tasked to every employee belonging to the organization. Moreover, the same policy is the best source and reference when it comes to the overview of the objectives and mission of the entire organization.  

Business Continuity Policy

Today, there are an increasing number of companies and organizations that are currently complementing policy statements with that of management reviewed charter as well as framework citation. The purpose of both the charter and framework is to offer and supply a greater level of detail for the purpose of clarifying how the organization will be able to conduct vital program activities. The said activities included both short and long term ones. However, there are also some organizations that express uncertainty when it comes to building a policy. So the only way to convince them is by way of comprehending and understanding the benefits and advantages of making and signing it.

One of the most important standards of any continuity policy is repeatability. Likewise, it serves as a very convincing factor in any organization when it comes to establishing the business continuity program. It must be noted that an interestingly and properly written policy names the main players as well as their responsibilities in the program. This in turn will provide tangible and very clear expectations for the group of people that includes the senior management and staff, business continuity personnel, and practically every employee involved in the organization.

A good policy additionally avoids the likelihood of the organization to throw away that much needed time in re-establishing or changing the image on an annual basis. What it does instead is push the same organization to stick to one set of principles based on its culture and operations, with one vision in mind for the ultimate objective of organizational resiliency.

Finally, a policy must be put on consistent execution. This is to ensure that the program will be able to effectively integrate with the strategy, operation, and risk management disciplines carried out by the organization in general. What we are trying to exemplify is the fact that if the organization fails to perform the necessary steps when training its people in relation to the updated business continuity plan, then the business itself will likely be put at risk.



SSL Certificates: Free Can Be Costly

If you operate a web site that exchanges personal information with the site users, such as an e-Commerce site, you probably know that you should be using the Secured Socket Layer (SSL). SSL enables a secured, encrypted, connection between your web server and the user’s browser. This requires that you obtain an SSL Certificate.   


But there are a lot of SSL Certificate providers with a variety of choices. Certificate providers charge varying prices per year for different products. If you have multiple web sites the costs can add up.

 IT Solution Singapore  

IT Solution Singapore

However, there are free Certificates available. They provide a secure, encrypted connection just like other SSL Certificates. So, why should you pay when you can use a free certificate?

Good question!

All things being equal, free is my favorite price range!

It’s very tempting to choose the free “self-signed” Certificates and it might well be all you need. On the other hand, we all know about what happens when you are penny wise!

When a user connects to an SSL site a message is sent with the certificate information required to setup the secured connection. It must include the name of the certificate “signer” which is either:

  • the creator of the certificate (self-signed) or
  • a third party called a Certificate Authority.

A Certificate Authority provides assurances that the site the user thinks they are connecting to is in fact that site. There are scams where hackers trick users into thinking they are connected to one site and they are actually communicating with another. Users may provide personal and financial information to criminals engaged in fraud. Self-signed certificates leave your users vulnerable to these predators.

Because of this, most browsers will display a warning message that the site may be unsecure. The user can bypass the message, but it does not leave the user with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the site. And the message is correct. If your web site has been hacked by a scammer your users are in peril if they proceed.

So, when should you use self-signed certificates?

I would only use them on internal web site, intranet sites. For example, if you have labs that are testing sites that require SSL you can save some money by using self-signed certificates.

I would never use a self-signed certificate on the internet, “customer facing” as we say. The risk is just not worth it and you risk alienating your users. If you are a commercial site servicing customers, that free certificate could end up being very expensive.

Compare SSL [http://whichssl.com] certificates offered by the Certificate Authorities for one that is most appropriate for your site and choose carefully. The costs and features vary widely and you need to consider your needs. If you have multiple domains and sub sites there are certificates that will help you reduce costs. Depending on how secure you need your site certificates will offer different levels of assurances.


A Few Key Points on Choosing a Singapore Ecommerce Host

The online community is consistently faced with the challenge to establish a web presence that is accessible immediately and designed in the most effective and innovative way. Your online presence should be such that it gets registered with your existing and potential future business clients in the best possible manner.  


Singapore ecommerce web hosting service providers address the needs of today’s dynamic and growing global online market. They offer services that are put together by the best in the industry and engineers and technicians who have years of experience of exposure within the hosting industry and challenge the advancements in the internet domain. 

SSL Certificates – IT Solution Singapore

Singapore ecommerce web hosting service providers are competitive and affordable and most important of all, very versatile. There are a few key points to be considered when choosing a Singapore ecommerce host. These include:

o The services should be affordable, but not fall behind the market requirements.

o The Singapore ecommerce web hosting service provider should be able to empower your business to reach out globally for a greater market.

o The provider should effectively and consistently upgrade your Internet presence in line with the ever changing technology.

o The Singapore ecommerce web hosting service provider should be able to address the need for efficient and customer-centric, cost-effective hosting and un-metered data transfer and unlimited domains.

o The service provider must be able o recognize the needs and aims of your business immediately and acts from the understanding. It ideally addresses small and medium enterprises, small offices, home offices and a business just about any size. The aim is to ensure that the customer benefits from the line of services created.

o The Singapore ecommerce web hosting service provider should also address free web hosting, email hosting services, access to the desired total hosting space for the business web pages and email accounts, creation of the desired amount of email accounts, a preset data transfer facility within a pre set time frame, strictly profit generating advertisement banners on the business web pages, effective and efficient email server and dedicated technical support.

o The Web Hosting service provider should enable the sourcing of services via a dedicated support center that is customer centric and equipped to take care of the need for the server account and other related issues.

o The provider should be able to allot a domain name that is registered under ‘customer contact details’ and make available domain name privacy services.

The ideal web hosting service provider should be one that is associated with consistency and innovation and is able to provide the business with advanced, quality products and solutions. The Singapore ecommerce web hosting service providers are usually equipped to generate responsive and knowledgeable customer service and timely support. The service providers offer real value for money packages and enable cost effective deals and long term relationships.

Most Singapore ecommerce web hosting service providers are known to be committed to value-driven solutions and exclusive customer services. They are synonymous with consistent exploration and implementation of the latest technology. Among them, you should choose a provider who offers you quality end products and the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Kitchen Fire Prevention

Between 2005 and 2007, an estimated 108,400 winter residential fires occurred each year in the US. Each year these fires cause an approximate 950 deaths, 3,800 injuries and result in $1,710,000,000 worth of property damage and loss.  

Home Safety Tips

The majority of all residential winter fires occur in the evening, peaking from 5pm to 8pm and then decline throughout the evening. This peak time frame for fires is not surprising considering that most residential fires begin in the kitchen. Cooking fires are the leading cause of all residential building fires at an astounding 42%! When looking at this same equation during the winter months, when you would expect a large number of residential fires to also be from heating elements, furnaces, space heaters etc. the percentage of fires beginning as kitchen fires is still amazingly high at 36%! Without a doubt, kitchen fires are, by far, the leading area of fire origin for residential winter fires.  


Prevention should be first and foremost on everyone’s fire safety list. Kitchen fire prevention can be accomplished with several simple safety tips!

Never store things on top of, in or around your oven.

Keep all flammables away from the stove including dishtowels, cereal boxes etc. Never use your oven for storage, even if you don’t turn it on – the pilot light can ignite objects inside.

Always keep pot handles turned in towards the stove.

Pot and frying pan handles should never hang over the stove’s edge; this is a major cause of serious burns in young children and the elderly.

Never leave an oven or stove that is on unattended.

It only takes a few minutes for a fire to get seriously out of hand. Make sure to always check on anything cooking on the stovetop or in the oven regularly. If unattended cooking fires are a concern, consider installing a prevention aid such as a Stove Guard that will automatically turn off the oven/stovetop if left unattended.

Use your stove only as directed.

Always be cautious when relighting pilot lights; be sure to use long stemmed matches or barbecue type lighter. If you own a gas stove and smell gas beyond a burnt out pilot light, turn off all burners, open windows and call your gas company. Never use your stove (gas or electric) to heat your home.

Avoid wearing potentially dangerous clothing while cooking.

Clothing with long, loose-fitting sleeves, outfits with fringe or hanging strings should be avoided while cooking to prevent your clothing from catching fire. If your clothing catches on fire, immediately stop, drop and roll!


National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFRIS) Report via FEMA

MSCIL Publication

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The Position of the Law on a Lost and Found Item

At various times in the course of human social interaction, the question as to who owns a lost and found item has been a reoccurring issue. This article shall seek to address this important issue from the point of law.  


A real life situation was created whereby a man lost an old and well cherished diamond chain and pendant worth several sums of dollars. The lost item in question was an object of inheritance from his great grandmother which got missing under an unexplainable circumstance. The said chattel may be regarded as of inestimable value to the man.  


Several years later, an old farmer who was hired to work on a farm and while in the course of ground digging suddenly discovered and find the aforementioned lost jewelry to his astonishment.

The question now arose as to whom among the three persons is the rightful owner of the lost and found item in question?

While some school of teachings are of the opinion that the farmer may exercise an exclusive right of possession vice a vize ownership claim in respect of the lost and item, some other people are also of the opinion that the owner of the farm who has engaged the service of the farmer in the first instance is the rightful and legal owner based on the legal principle of “quid quid plantator, solo solo cedit” which literally mean that “He who owns the land owns whatever that is attached to the said land”.

But the better position of the law with regards to this dicey situation has always been that a finder of a lost piece of item whether found lying on the ground surface or embedded under the soil can rightly maintain a rightful claim of owner in respect of such lost item to the exclusion of any other person on earth unless and until the real owner emerged with a better proof of ownership title as against the said finder.

Emmanuel Bada – An Attorney-at-law, Solicitor, Chartered Mediator and Conciliator, Motivational Speaker, Consultant on Personal Development and Leadership Training and skill acquisition, an extrovert, my philosophy about life is rendering gratuitous service to humanity and touching lives positively.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3915447

Resources to Help You Find Your Lost or Found Items

If you have by any chance lost something in the middle of a city you are living in or visiting, for the most part you are caught with nowhere to go. local choices could be the police station, or nearby businesses or homes. The ‘ancient’ resource would be posting flyers around town to help find the person. Many of us do not have time for this. These alternatives leave you with the minimal exposure possible if someone finds your belongings.  

lost found

Depending on the location of where you lost or found something, the easiest thing to do might be discover the correct authorities. by any chance, many of us do not live in small rural areas. Usually big cities have a lot of foot traffic and many distinct places to go to report something.  


By and large if you have lost something and it is found by someone else you both have to go to the police station or ask the same people if they noticed anything. Posting in online classifieds give the most exposure to people in the area who might not otherwise have reported the piece to close-by officials or businesses. Suggestions for websites to use in this approach follow at the end of the article.

If you find something the same holds true. You can report the piece to local businesses and neighborhood authorities. Posting in online classifieds helps deliver you the most exposure to the most people who might have lost the piece. Find some suggestions below on what you can utilize online to aid you in your quest.

There are an array of classifieds sites online with which you can use to post the item that you lost or the piece that you found. The largest one is Craigslist. However, it does not hurt to post at smaller, newer sites to put your posting in front of the most people possible. You can try some lesser sites as well which usually have more features. I would try to post to at least 2 or three sites, as as is usual it only takes a few minutes. You might receive some spam, but you might also communicate with the person that found your item or the person that lost theirs.

I hope if you lost something valuable, these tips assist you into locating your item! And if you found something be absolutely certain the person you deliver it back to will be very appreciative.


Herbal Foot Pampering Recipes For Busy Moms

As a mother, I used to neglect my feet as it just was not at the top of my list of things I needed to do. Now, after a busy day spent chasing around kids, I look forward to 20-30 minutes of spoiling myself with some much needed foot care.  


To cut down on time, I keep a plastic bin in my linen closet stocked with the supplies needed to make the following recipes. In addition to the inexpensive ingredients, I like to keep clean towels, loofah sponges, foot files, pumice stones and foot lotion in the bin so that I have everything ready to go as I need it. I recommend purchasing a plastic basin at your local drugstore so that you have something to soak your feet in. You can easily whip up these recipes in only a matter of minutes.  


Lavender Milk Soak

6 cups of water
2 cups of milk
4 tablespoons dried lavender

In a large glass bowl, combine the water, milk and lavender. Microwave for 1 minute until mixture is warm. Pour into a foot basin and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

Almond Sea Salt Scrub

3 cups of sea salt
1 cup of Epsom salts
8 ounces of water
2 ounce of almond oil

Mix all ingredients in a medium sized container. Use a plastic scoop to measure out what you need. Rub sea salt onto the heels of each foot for 3-5 minutes. Rinse under warm running water. Pat dry with a cotton towel and follow up with a gentle moisturizing foot lotion.

Soothing Oatmeal Soak

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup powdered milk
1/2 – 3/4 cup of oatmeal

Combine all 3 items in a blender container and process until smooth. Fill foot basin 1/2 full with warm water and add oatmeal mixture. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes. Towel dry and apply moisturizing foot lotion.