Fire is very important in our life. It seems like everyday we need fire. Nevertheless, fire can be dangerous that you have to be careful. It will be more serious when it deals with kids. To teach your children fire safety as early as possible is very important to minimize the risk. Thus we want to help you with this article on how to teach your children fire safety.

At the very beginning, your children should understand that fire is extremely dangerous. Make sure that the sentence is stuck on their mind that they will always remember it. If your children are too young that they cannot understand the warning, then you had better always supervise their activities. Keep away all fire sources from your little children for best preventive acts.

If your children have ability to read, you can cultivate this idea by creating an easy-to-remember memo, for example a poster. It is better that you ask them to involve themselves in creating the poster that they can more easily remember the sentences they make. Use some simple ideas like the following:
1. Don’t play with candles, matches, or any other fire sources.
2. If you use candles, tell them that they must not leave out the candles whenever they are going to bed or leaving the house.
3. Be careful while using gas stove (for children at school age).
4. Keep anything flammable away from fire sources and electricity.
5. Tell them to be careful when they plug some devices to electricity socket.
Put the poster on the wall, or on the back of the door of their bedroom.

Also, you had better install smoke detectors in your house and tell your children not to play with them. Check the batteries to keep the detectors to work well. The next thing you can do is to teach your children fire safety. If they catch on fire, tell them that they should stop running to drop their body, and roll onto the ground.

If the house is on fire, tell them to get out of the house as fast as they can. Make sure they understand that life is everything and first priority. It is important to warn your children not to take anything valuable, or anything they love, with them when the house catches on fire. For example, you can say, “If you lost your Barbie, Mom and Dad can buy another one for you. But remember, life can’t be replaced that you have to save your live no matter what happens”. Those are tips to teach your children fire safety. We hope it will be useful for you.

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